Marco Mendez


Internationally Known Concert Organist

marco mendez


Marco Mendez is an Internationally Known Concert Organist whose performances have been described by superalatives such as “Amazing”, “Breathtaking”, and “Moving” to name just a few.

Marco was born Sep. 24, 1964, three days after his family arrivede in Poerto Rica after being picked up 21 miles off the coast of Cuba. This made him and American Citizen by birth. At the age of 3, Marco’s family moved to Brazil. it was there that Marco’s musical destiny started to unfold. With no musical instruction he started to play the organ by ear. His natural ability led him to win the prestigious Yamaha Electone Competition in both Pop and Classical divisions. He was then registered with his first instructor, Ed Peterson. After 2 years with Ed Peterson he was placed with Dr. George Markey of princeton University. After only one year Dr. Markey realized marco was a prodigy in every sense of the word. He arranged an audition for Marco with the Curtis Institute of Music, the best musical conservatory in the world, for the single opening for the organ. Marco, at age of 12, won the competition against others who had auditioned many times. He was among the youngest to enter the world-renowned conservatory. This talent and ability ¬†placed him on the staff of Wanamaker’s where he played the world’s largest pipe organ for 5 years.¬†He has continued to thrill audiences all over the United States, Europe, Latin America, South America, China and Japan.